Properties for Sale

“The NSW Trustee and Guardian is one of the largest vendors of real estate in New South Wales. On average we sell over 700 predominantly residential properties each year.”


Despicable…over 700 people (dead or alive), have their home sold out from under them, each year by the NSWTG!
How many of these people are forced into Nursing facilities, bewildered as to how this can be happening to them?
Who’s going to come to the rescue of these victims?

The NSWTG ‘Big Brother’ tactics guarantee, that there is next to no chance for any clients to escape, the noose that has been placed around their existence!
Make no mistake, the NSWTG have been perfecting this ‘craft’, for the past 136 years.
Just ask the ‘Master of Lunacy’, how he went about his duties, in the good olde days?

I have personally suffered and witnessed the NSWTG methods of torment, for over four and a half years, because my mother is one of their captors!

The New South Wales Trustee & Guardian, is reminiscent of ‘The Final Solution’, enacted by the Nazi holocaust.
Same results, but the plot is executed with a more subtle, upmarket theme.
People aren’t rounded up by gun point these days, and carted off in railway carriages.
Although I’d speculate, that most are forced out of their homes unwillingly, into nursing facilities!

In comparison to the 1940’s German concentration camps, conditions are a fantastic improvement today.
But the prisoners still get to bathe in suppression, which generates fear, loathing and anguish, deep sadness and severe boredom.
This results in a recurring depressed state of mind, not to mention the various illnesses your body shall induce!

The goal is to remove a great portion of your freedoms, privacy, possessions, and what you regularly enjoy about your life.
You’ll be drugged into submission, and eventually succumb to ‘their’ ultimate goal, of taking your last breath!

It’s all about greed, and the sadistic control, over another human being.
These atrocities must come to an end now…never to be repeated!
Speak out, and take action…today!!!

For more information about this ‘black hole’ sordid business, click on the following link:


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