The difficult nursing home decision

I slow down running as I notice an elderly lady approaching the pavement. As she comes into full view I jolt to a stop, momentarily horrified by what I see. One hand firmly grips a robust walking stick. With the other she drags a bursting red garbage bin. Rain is falling fast and the pavement is deceptively slippery. But bin, stick and owner proceed to the edge of the pavement, painfully slowly but with utter confidence. First she lifts the stick, next she takes a step, and companionably, the bin slides along a tiny bit. Then the whole process starts again. I am close enough to shout my offer of help. But her practiced rhythm and intense concentration makes me desist lest I cause her to lose her precarious balance.

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Yes the Nursing Home may be a difficult decision.
But probably a lot less difficult for some families.
Especially those who refuse to make the sacrifice, to keep their parents out of there!!!

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