Outrageous financial exploitation of the elderly followed by an insidious insult to a dead victim!

Financial predators of the elderly wear different disguises. This report focuses on Azzam Hijazi: a taxi driver, known as “The Cabbie You Don’t Want to Call.” As you watch this report of the exploitation of injured war Veteran Greg Richey, your blood will start boiling. Be sure to watch the entire video because you won’t believe what happened to elderly and nearly blind victim, Frances Jensen. It apparently wasn’t enough to “inherit” her entire estate. What happened after she died is almost unimaginable and unbelievable! Even then, her family was rendered powerless to help her.

Financial exploitation of the elderly is a growing global problem.

Uploaded onto YouTube: Feb 12, 2014

Source: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=IBusfelYMMw

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