Tribute to Gary E. Harvey

A wife’s loving tribute to her husband, Gary Harvey – Veteran and unfortunately trapped in an abusive guardianship. Currently, Gary is confined to a hospital room and denied all visitation from family, friends, advocates – even clergy. The guardian does not keep his wife informed of his medical condition and blocks all her efforts to advocate for his best interest and his preferences.

Please pray for Gary’s continued strength and that he will be allowed the comfort and the love of his wife.


Please click on the following link to access the website;

MY COMMENT: I need to be more proactive like these people, in helping to force change to ‘the system’ !

One thought on “Tribute to Gary E. Harvey”

  1. What has been done to Gary Harvey and his loving wife Sara leaves me speechless. The lack of empathy for another human’s being life on the part of the members of Davis & O’Mara Law firm and Chemung County and St. Josephs’ Nursing Hospital and nursing home is truly frightening. I can only describe these places as slaughterhouses where they bring people in order to strip them of their rights, then their assets, then their lives. I truly do not understand how anyone can work for these institutions. Don’t they have hearts or souls? What is wrong with them?

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